February 21, 2011

2 years!! TWO!!?!

I cant believe lib and I have already been married 2 years! SO CRAZY! It’s not that huge or anything but we’ve already bought our first house so it feels like we’ve been married a lot longer…
So I don’t know if you can see this picture very well but this year we went downtown to go to a Mavericks Game and we got there kind of early and we got to watch the news for channel 8. And for some reason I get really excited about seeing people that are on tv live in front of me I mean there already a lot cooler than I’ll ever be there on TV!!!. So I just had to get a picture of the news people. weird I know. But its just cool! ok!(oh and Gloria Compos totally waved to me!)
I don’t know how clear this picture is but yes that is us on the score board. really embarrassing because they left it on us for FOREVER! at least what it felt like, you can only wave so much..the Mav’s played against the Utah Jazz and we totally won by like 20 points!
We got to sit right in front of the Maverick Maniac’s they were so funny and really made the game more exciting!
Liberty didn’t always tell me when he was taking a picture.
We left a little after the 4th quarter started because the Mav’s were doing so well. We got home and just relaxed with the dogs, as you can tell they were pretty tired themselves. But we had a lot of fun and cant wait till next years anniversary!

February 14, 2011

Heart Day

Sooo liberty gave me this rose when before I went to work, as you can tell its dead. He said he was sorry he forgot that he left it in the truck all weekend and it had died. I knew he felt really bad about it. I told him not to worry about it that I didn’t care it was just as nice.
What I didn’t know was when I got to work there was a this huge vase of flowers on my desk with a heart box of chocolates. I was SO SURPRISED!! I could not believe he had done that since he played it off so well with the dead rose.I don’t think the picture does this justice it was so BIG and so pretty! Anyway it was super sweet and I was totally shocked!
We went to On the boarder for dinner and then we came back home and played UNO. Lola was sleeping so I stuck this card in her mouth and she didn’t even move or wake up. It was so funny so we just had to get a picture of it. Smile

It was a awesome Valentines Day and liberty totally surprised me with the flowers I feel so lucky to be married to him!!

February 4, 2011

Snow days in TEXAS!!


I made dinner came on the couch as lib and I usually do to watch t.v while eating(a real American family) and well I sat down and my plate flipped over all over myself!


Oh but don’t you worry Lady helped me clean it all up, it was really funny!!!







I don’t know if these pictures really give justice of how much snow there is but trust me it’s a lot. First there was ice on Tuesday morning a inch or more thick so we had to stay home from work plus the whole Dallas/Ft. worth school district was closed. Then it got down to like 18 degrees Tuesday night so all the ice re-melted, so we were out of work on Wednesday,and Thursday, and then it snowed Friday morning 7inches in Allen sooooo were out of work on Friday. 4 days!! 4 days!!! of being home alllll day! I started to question if we were really in Texas it felt more like Colorado!Liberty and I have gained probably gained 10 pounds of just snacking all day.ha ha

It was nice to have the couple of days off but I will be glade to get back to work this next week. Smile

January 31, 2011

Treats, and heart cut outs!!!

I went to McDonald's on Saturday and and had their new Oatmeal and surprisingly it was really good. It has fruit and brown sugar, I definitely recommend it.

At target they have the dollar spot and my friend Lisa bought me these heart measuring cups and heat cut outs. I also bought a cute owl pot holder. I don’t need any of these but there cute and it was a dollar!

I made these graham cracker smore's it was SO GOOD! and so EASY! the recipe is on the back of the graham cracker box.

January 15, 2011

Shoes,”Friends” and Pink Bows….

your moms cool 003
This picture may be a little blurry but lib and I went to this store called “Entertainmart” and they have tons of used movies CHEAP so I got the “Friends” series. Although I am missing season 5,6,7 haha. But either way I am going to start a “Friends” marathon. Last year my friend Lisa Johnson and I wanted to watch the whole 10 seasons but never got to., So I think we should this year!
your moms cool 001 your moms cool 002
Oh my goodness look at these beauties!! I got them from Charlotte Russe  and I love them I got so many compliments from everybody at church about them. Lib of course thinks there ugly, but what does he know about fantastic and MUST HAVES!
your moms cool 037
your moms cool 035
Oh my babies are SO CUTE! They hate it but I cant help myself!
your moms cool 033
And well Lola’s face says it all….
your moms cool 032
And there’s us and Lady’s Lazy eye…haha oh man!
I really spoil my dogs but for the time its just the 4 of us and I love them!

January 9, 2011

Snow Day

your moms cool 021
Today after church we came home to snow it hardly ever snows in Texas but it was so cool.
your moms cool 026
We got like 6inches in Allen.
your moms cool 027
 your moms cool 042
I thought this was really cool the ice melted into these ice sculptures at the side of our house.
your moms cool 044
your moms cool 038
Even our puppies likes playing in the snow. I don’t know if you can tell but Lola any time she runs through the snow she gets all these snow balls that stick to her fur! Its sooo funny!
We had a lot of fun with the dogs in the snow and even though snow doesn’t happen very often I am sure glade when it does!

December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

I got our photos taken by friend Lisa Johnson, for Christmas with Lola and Lady.
christmas 004
This is our Christmas tree that we bought it should have more bulbs on it but our dogs knocked it down one day after work and broke about a dozen of them.

christmas 001
And our house, liberty wanted to use blue lights on the house and purple ones in the bushes, not very traditional but I think it turned out really good. It’s nice that our house isn’t too BIG it would have been a REAL pain to put lights on.
I got the IPod 4 touch and Liberty wanted money and the new Inception movie. I love the I pod its so nice to have to play games and have all my music on it. SUCH a fan!
We spilt up Christmas is two parts this year the morning we went to my Grandma’s for early lunch and opened presents there and then that afternoon we went to Liberty’s parents house for the dinner and opened presents with his sisters. It was a lot of fun, glad that we have family that lives so close.